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Homeasy Helps Organize Your Household

SINCE 2001.

Homeasy Services Limited was established in 2001 and has since developed into a large-scale one-stop home service company. We have always been professional and sincere to provide customers with suitable and satisfactory home services in response to different needs and requirements, so that customers can enjoy a better family life. We also take care of clients from office.

With the development of business and customer service experience, we have found that customers demand more and more in the quality of their living environment, in the aspects of health, safety and comfortability. Hence, we began to introduce more related services and develop into a professional Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) consultants, in order to provide customers with comprehensive solutions and supporting services.

Urban people are busy with work and have no time to deal with housework, but hygiene and cleanliness in home have a great impact on physical and mental health. In order to let you rest at home with peace of mind, we provide local domestic helpers and overseas maids to help you keep your home in order.

As your life stage changes, we also provide professional post-renovation cleaning services and confinement ladies to take care of your needs.

Although people’s requirements for homes are getting higher and higher, they may still ignore those environmental factors that pose serious hazards. These factors are invisible to the naked eye, such as Formaldehyde/VOC, bacteria and viruses, electromagnetic wave radiation and radon radiation.

Our Home Inspector service is divided into two parts. First, you can use our assessment service to find out whether the unit is safe, and then carry out related improvement projects as needed.

Daily cleaning is not enough to maintain the hygiene and beauty in home. There are still many miscellaneous items that need to be dealt with.
As a life housekeeper, Homeasy can properly arrange and provide various services according to different needs, sharing all household matters for clients.

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