Flu End Long-Lasting Anti-Bacterial Disinfection

The global war against influenza has begun. Are you and your family ready?
Bacteria and viruses around the world are becoming more and more severe, which will not only endanger health, but if the virus breaks out in densely populated areas, it will affect the daily living of citizens and even the economy of the society.

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At present, the common methods of fighting influenza bacteria are to use bleach, disinfection alcohol and air purifiers. But with doubtful effects, the validity period of these products is short and the cost-effectiveness is low.

Flu End Long-Lasting Anti-Bacterial Disinfection | Homeasy

Flu End, the long-lasting antibacterial cleanser, is researched and developed in Japan. With a combination of advantages:

  • Natural ingredients (e.g. eucalyptus, chitin, etc.)
  • Excellent sterilizing effect
  • Long validity (up to 6 months)
  • High cost-effectiveness
Use Homeasy “Long-Lasting Anti-Bacterial Disinfection Service” Now.
Keep your home clean and hygienic to protect your family!

Flu End is the latest natural long-lasting anti-bacterial cleanser researched and developed in Japan. It has good effects against many kinds of viruses.
Together with “Air Misty”, a very low-pressured and super fine spray, “Flu End” can reach every corner of a flat and sterilize in a short time.
Compared to the current common anti-bacterial methods, the validity period of “Flu End” can be as long as 6 months, greatly increasing the cost-effectiveness.

This spray system has already obtained patent from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). It can turn 1ml of “Flu End” into 400 thousands of anions. Therefore, “Flu End” can reach every corner of a flat, realizing sterilizing effect in a short time. Besides, this can avoid wetting the environment.

Flu End has already passed the safety benchmark in America. It is proved to be harmless to human and other animals, and will not cause allergy.

Oji Forest & Products Co., Ltd. has always been studying plants for a long time.

Extract main ingredients from Eucalyptus Tree Leaves

Add food additive (e.g. chitosan) to refine.

Highly anti-bacterial and safe "Flu End"

Continuous testing (Film adherence method)

The effectiveness of “Flu End” will last for 6 months after smearing and drying.
*At crowded places of places requiring stringent anti-bacterial measures, we suggest spraying “Flu End” once a month or once a week.

No.of bacteria
8.7×10 s8.7×10 s
Testing4.6×10 s4.0×10 s
6.0×10 s5.0×10 s
After smearing
for 1 day
After smearing
for 1 month
After smearing
for 3 months
After smearing
for 3 months

<50:Below limit that can be checked


Pathgenic Bacteria

Gram-positive bacteria (+) Staphylococcusaureus
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcusaureus
Bacillus cereus
Enterococcus faecalis
Lactobacillus paracasei
Streptococcus mutans
Propionibacteriurm acnes
Yersinia enterocolitica
Vibrio parahaermolyticus
Vibrio anqiuliurm
Legionella pneurmophila
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Serratia marcescens
FungiAspergillus niger
Fusariurm moniliforrme
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Candida albicans
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Saleable AreaFee Schedule 
within 500 sq ft$2,000

* Enjoy $200 discount when joining “Empty House / Upholstery Cleaning” as well. 

* Enjoy $50 discount when joining “Pest Control” as well.

* Enjoy $1,000 or more discount when joining “CT Catalyst – Formaldehyde Removal” as well.

501 – 2,000 sq ftextra $2.5 per sq ft
2,001 sq ft or aboveIndividual Quotation
PlaceNo.of timesDescription
HomeOnce every six monthsDue to limit flow of people, using once every six months is enough.
School, Kindergarten, Elderly HomeOnce every weekBecause students and elderly have inadequate hygiene awareness and self-care ability, and their immune system is weaker, it is required to use once a week to prevent outbreak of infectious diseases.
HospitalOnce every weekDue to large amount of bacteria and viruses, using once a week is required.
OfficeOnce every six monthsAs adults have higher hygiene awareness and stronger immune system, using once every six month is enough.
Public Area, Shopping MallOnce a dayDue to heavy flow of people every day, using once a day is required to prevent passerby from infecting viruses.

Currently the common anti-bacterial methods are using bleach, disinfection alcohol and air purifier.

 Flu EndBleachDisinfection AlcoholAir Purifier
Ingredient/AccessoryPure natural (Eucalyptus tree leaves, Food additive, etc.)
Chemicals (Sodium hypochlorite)

Chemicals (Ethanol)
Safety LevelNatural ingredients, safe and harmless to human body, and will not cause allergiesIrritating to mucous membrane, skin and respiratory canalAffect brain nervous systemGeneral operation of electrical appliances
Effectiveness of sterilizationHas already reached the AOAC standard (the strictest sterilization standard in the world) and has been proved to be effective against many kinds of viruses and bacteria.The concentrations of sodium hypochlorite of different brands vary greatly, directly affecting the sterilizing effect of bleach.Can denature the protein of the virus, inhibiting the growth of virusIt can only inhibit the growth of viruses in the air close to the purifier. It cannot deal with the
bacteria and viruses adhered to objects and walls.
Validity period of sterilizationAfter spraying once, the validity period can last 1 to 6 months. No need to do sterilization every hour.Need to be applied frequentlyNeed to be applied frequentlyOnly effective when the machine is turning on and has to change the filter regularly
No need to sterilization every day. Save time and labour. Effective sterilization.
Need more labour. Time-consuming. Low efficiency.
Need more labour. Time-consuming. Low efficiency.
Cannot eliminate bacteria and viruses effectively.