Pest Control

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To maintain hygiene, in addition to cleaning, pest control is also important. Pests are not only the source of bacterial transmission, but also threaten the structure of the unit.
Before moving in, pest control works can be carried out to prevent pests from entering the unit together with the furniture and other objects. Afterwards, pest control should also be carried out regularly. We also provide termite and mice control services.

Service Item & Service Fee

Our main service targets are households, offices, school buildings and other units. The insecticides we use are regulated by the Environmental Protection Department, and those insecticides used in homes are not harmful to humans.

Basic / Pre-Move In Pest Control

Gloss Floor Area of 500 square feet or below: $650 up
(A walk-in quotation can be arranged for units with GFA over 2,000 square feet)

Termite Control

Service fee will be quoted based on individual units, including free-of-charge pre- inspection and one-year maintenance.

Mice Control

Service fee will be quoted based on individual units. This service is not applicable to residential units.

Optimal Management

“Work Safety & Hygiene First” is our important principle, so all technicians will comply the “3C System” – – Clear、Confine、Control


What is the difference between the professional pest control service and the products in the market, such as lice fumigator and pest spray?

Lice fumigator and pest spray contain only 0.001% active pesticide ingredients, while the rest are mainly aerosols. Hence, ordinary insecticides are generally only able to repel rather than eliminate pests.
In contrast, 50 times more active pesticide ingredients are used by licensed technicians in the pest control service, ensuring the effectiveness and safety.

Termite Control

Termites are generally brought in from the outside of the unit. Their main food is wood.
If termites are found in the unit, the source may be traced back to the large amount of woods when the unit was renovated. These woods may had been contaminated by termites and termite eggs.
To eliminate termites, before and after renovation, the waste of wood (such as sawdust) in the unit should be cleaned regularly, and the unit should be kept as dry as possible.
In addition, to eliminate the termites in the walls, the technicians will mix the concrete and the insecticides in stages.

Safety First

Although the insecticides used by the technicians have been diluted in advance, they always have a certain potency. Clients should pay attention to the followings before and after the service:
1. Please notify the technicians if there are pregnant women, babies, elderly people, patients or people allergic to pesticide living in the unit.
2. Before the service, clients should keep the food, dishes and other items by themselves from contamination by insecticides.
3. Except for the technicians, all persons and pets are not suitable to stay in the unit.
4. It is not advisable to enter the unit within 4 hours after the service. When entering the unit afterwards, all windows should be opened immediately to prevent from breathing in the insecticides.
5. If symptoms such as vomiting, blurred vision or difficulty in breathing occur after the service, please seek medical attention immediately.

Common pests in Hong Kong are as follows:


Contamination of food through bacteria and parasite eggs on the body. Can cause more than 40 diseases such as skin allergies, diarrhea, hepatitis, and dysentery.

Periplaneta mericana


Periplaneta australasiae


Blattella germanica