Household Maintenance & Air-Conditioner Cleaning

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Our maintenance services are provided by different professional technicians. All of them possess extensive experience, professional knowledge and valid licenses.

Registration Number of Minor Works Contractors:MWC 2954/2011

Maintenance Item

Changing Ball Floating Valve in Water Tank



Installing Exhaust Fans (KDK or Panasonic)



Maintenance Item Service Fee
Change Ball Floating Valve in Water Tank $450 up
Change Outlet Parts in Water Tank $600 up
Change Angle Valve in Water Tank $550 up
Change Trap in Toilet or Kitchen $450 up
Change Outlet Parts in Toilet or Kitchen $450 up
Change Outlet Parts in Bathtub $670 up
Change Glass Silicon Glue of Bathtub  $700 up
Install Exhaust Fan (KDK or Panasonic) $800 up
Install Exhaust Fan in False Ceiling (General Brand) $850 up
Maintenance Item Service Fee
Window Inspection $350 up (include pumping lubricating oil and sweeping dust)
Change Window Hinge $390 up
Repair Window Lock $180 up
Install Window Frame

(Thin) $180/pc
(Thick) $220/pc

**Movable window frame: Additional $20/pc 
**Width over 15 inches: Additional $50/pc 
**Height over 38 inches: Price negotiable 

Services includes:

Installation, replacement, maintenance and replacement of residential door locks.
Replacement of lock cylinder from various brands.
Due to the variety of locks, quotations will be made according to different types or brands.

Cleaning of Split Air Conditioner:
$700 up (internal part)

Cleaning the Exhaust Path in Toilet:
$860 up



  • Due to the wide variety of maintenance items, the above service fees are for reference only. Individual quotations may be required.
  • Before carrying out the painting projects, clients should pack up the sundries at home, so that the furniture can be wrapped more efficiently by the technicians.

Reference Cases

Exhaust systems are installed in many new residences in order to provide fresh air to the indoor environment and maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity. But if not maintained well, the system can become a harbor for microbes and bacteria.

Cleaning of Exhaust System

1. Remove the exhaust fan and clean it

2. Use the special equipment to extend into the pipe to wipe off the accumulated dust

3. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck up the loose dust

4. Install the exhaust fan

5. Check the operation of the exhaust fan

Dismantling hanging cabinets and Repairing exposed steel bars

Remove the hanging cabinet and shovel away the loose parts of the concrete

Fill the ceiling

Paint with latex paints

Common Project (Chi.)