Business Cooperation

We sincerely invite commercial organizations and other units to join us to establish a diversified cooperation model, in order to jointly respond to the different living needs of clients.

Based on the needs of various organizations, we can formulate different cooperation models and provide different services. Welcome to contact us for inquiries.

1. Outsourcing

We can provide outsourcing services for real estate developers, property management companies, interior design companies or other related institutions, so that your clients can enjoy high-quality home services, such as empty house / upholstery cleaning, VOC/Formaldehyde removal, etc.

Cooperation Example: Over the years, we have provided household cleaning services for housing estates managed by the members of two major property developers in Hong Kong.

2. Value-added Promotion

We can provide your clients and employees with various types of promotional offers, which not only help your organization to promote, but also increase the sense of belonging of your clients and employees towards your organization.

3. Home Concierge

“Home Concierge” is a professional home management service. We can tailor-make and provide a variety of home services for individual housing estates. We will also provide exclusive service hotline and website for the housing estate residents.

Housing estates with Concierge service can show the noble status of the residents. On the other hand, it also has a positive impact on the business of developers, real estate developers, property management companies or other related organizations.

Cooperation Example: Indi Home

We provided “Home Concierge” for Indi Home, in which we analyzed the needs of its residents, provided them with suitable services flexibly, and established multiple customer service channels, including on-site service counters, exclusive service hotline and website, etc.

4. Join Our Team

We are determined to continuously explore new business opportunities for home service. If your organization has any cooperation suggestions, please contact us to discuss and achieve win-win.