Baseboard Waxing & Maintenance

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We have many years of experience in baseboard waxing, including wooden floor, marble floor and plastic floor. To consider the needs of clients, we also provide floor repair services.

Service Item

Wooden Floor Waxing

Solid Wood Floor, Engineered Floor & Laminate Floor

 Fee (per square foot)
Apply Glossy Wax1 Layer2 Layers
$9 up$10.5 up
Apply Glossy Wax
(with grinding
the existing floor)
2 Days
(3 Layers)
3 Days
(4 Layers)
$15 up$19 up
In addition each layer$4
Apply Matte WaxAdditional  $1.5
Laying Protective Cotton$4.5
Floor Colour-related Job$20
Skirting Board Waxing$7.5

Marble Floor Waxing

Grinding, waxing and other related services can be applied on both natural stone and artificial marble.

 Fee (per square foot)
Apply Glossy Wax$5-6 up
Apply Glossy Wax
(with grinding the existing floor)
$20 up

Plastic Floor Waxing

 Fee (per square foot)
General Waxing$3 up
General Waxing
(with stains removal)
$3-6 up

Baseboard Repairs (Quote individually)

Services include:
Re-laying new wooden floors, filling gaps or fixing arched positions of existing wooden floors, etc
* The on-site quotation fee is HK$300, which can be deducted from project fees.
* If the project is not carried out by our company, no refund will be given.

Classification of Baseboard

Baseboard is generally divided into three categories:
Wooden floor, Marble floor and Plastic floor.

The following is an overview of the materials, advantages, disadvantages and maintenance methods of the three types of baseboards.

Information of Baseboard

Three main points of daily maintenance of the floor

The weather in Hong Kong varies greatly, with humidity ranging from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 100%, which is a big threat to floors that are very sensitive to moisture. Therefore, floors need to be maintained to become more durable.

If you want the floor to be shinier, firstly you should vacuum the floor every day. Second, to prevent the floor from contracting or expanding, be careful to avoid the floor being exposed to direct sunlight or getting wet by water. Third, if the floor is accidentally stained, it must be dealt with immediately, otherwise the wax surface of the floor will be damaged.

The effect of DIY waxing

Some people like to do waxing by themselves. The following are some main points of waxing wooden floors:

  1. First wet grind the ground. Remember not to grind too deep, so as not to affect the moisture resistance of the wooden floor.
  2. After grinding the floor, wipe away the wood chaff. And then dry the floor and fill the gaps.
  3. After the floor is dried, start to apply the wax with a paint brush (it is the best to use wax of the same brand and model as before). When painting the wax, pay attention to the strength, gestures and the amount of wax used, so as to avoid the phenomenon of spinning and air bubbles.
  4. After around 6 hours, the wax applied will be completely dry.
  5. If low-quality wax is used, the floor after waxing will be stickier and easier to be scratched.

Instant treatments of wooden floor stained with chewing gum or wax from candles

Put an ice cube on the stain. After the stain hardens, gently shovel it away. If some stains still remain, try to apply a small amount of solvent-based wax around the stain. The solvent will seep into the bottom of the stain, making it easier to be removed.

Instant treatments of wooden floor stained with ink and urine

Clean the stains with No. 2 steel wool and special wooden floor cleaners. Wipe off any remaining cleanser and residue, then apply vinegar to it and wipe off after about 3-4 minutes. If the stain cannot be removed, you may consider re-waxing.

Can the seamless floor be waxed?

Plastic floor or laminate seamless floor is common in Hong Kong. Their thickness is generally only 3-4mm. Do not grind the floor and do not need to wax. The care of seamless floors is very simple: Clean the floor with a slightly wet mop every day. If you want to use a cleaning agent, you can only choose a mild one, and must ensure that the cleaning agent does not damage the protective layer of the floor.