Carpet Cleaning

地毯清潔 - 家居易 Homeasy

Regular maintenance not only can keep the carpet clean but also extend its life span.
Professional carpet cleaning can remove the hidden stains and dirt. In addition, it can also eliminate bacteria and achieve the effect of disinfection.

Common carpets can be generally divided into
two categories according to their uses:

1. Fiber carpets for office use

2. Wool carpets and thicker fiber carpets
for household use

Details & Service Fee

The main service scope of carpet cleaning is to remove stains, for example:

Shoe Prints
Oil Stains
Water Stains
Coffee/Tea Stains
Rust Stains
Chewing Gum Stains

* Also sterilizes the carpet during cleaning

Service Fee:

* Clients are required to pay the deposit at least 1 day before the service day. The deposit is about 20% of the service fee.

Service Example

  1. Ground checks and explain the procedures and precautions of carpet cleaning to clients
  2. Using the machine together with the carpet cleaner (add pre-spray to remove stains if necessary), first wipe off the stains and then add water for cleaning. (The amount of water added depends on the cleanliness of the site.)
  3. Use carpet washing machines to wash away all dust and trash.
  4. Dry the carpet (Using the air conditioner and it takes about 3-4 hours.)