Electromagnetic Wave Radiation Assessment & Protection

EMF Radiation is everywhere. Shielding service blocks EMF from entering the unit and protects health.

Have you and your family members ever felt tired, dizzy, uncomfortable or anxious at home? All these symptoms may be caused by electromagnetic waves (EMF) which are invisible to bare eyes. You and your family members may even suffer from “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity / EHS”. Besides these less serious symptoms, electromagnetic waves will adversely affect different body systems such as eyes, ears, central nervous system, cardiovascular system and reproductive system.

The main outdoor sources of electromagnetic waves are cell phone transmitting stations, satellite stations, broadcast aerials, electric poles and electric towers etc, which are some common large-scale equipment near to residential areas. Therefore, electromagnetic wave is really a threat to our home.

In Japan and Taiwan, there are cases which citizens felt sick because of electromagnetic wave interference. There is a much more shocking case regarding a family who lives in Meadow Street in the United States. Meadow Street is surrounded by large-scale substations and overhead lines and the house of the family is directly opposite to a substation. Every family member has suffered from tumors or cysts.

If you are concerned with the health of your family members and want to live safely, we recommend you to select the professional electromagnetic wave assessment service and related improvement projects, in order to deal with the harm caused by electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic waves have negative effects on various parts of human body. (According to “Basic Environmental Science Series: Environmental Physics and Environmental Medical Science” published by the Scientific & Technical Publishing Co., Ltd.)


Lens will become aging and cloudy. Eyes will feel dry and tired.

Weaker immune system

Under the effect of long-term EMF radiation, the formation of antibodies is obviously inhibited. The immune system is damaged, increasing the chance of suffering from cancer.

Reproductive System

Males may suffer from diminished sexual ability, impotence of suppressed sperm production with negative effect on fertility. Females may suffer from menstrual disorder, damage for ovulation, infertility or easy miscarriage.


Joint pains, Muscle pains


Tinnitus, Imbalance


Headache, Tiredness, Vomit, Memory decline, Sleep disorder, Hair loss, Movement disorder, Cognitive disorder. Under long term influenced by EMF, human brain will produce abnormal electric flow which might be related to dementia.

Blood circulatory system

According to the result of a health study, most of the radar controllers have a low level of white blood cells. When a human body is exposed to both radio wave and radiation, the harm will be more obvious than when exposed to only one of them (e.g. blood cancer).


Mild symptoms include arrhythmia, subnormal heartbeat rate and breathing difficulty, etc. People under long-term electromagnetic radiation will have a higher chance to suffer from cardiovascular system diseases in an earlier stage.


Skin rash, Skin lesions, etc

Electromagnetic wave is same as air which cannot be seen by human eyes. EMF is a form of dynamics in the electromagnetic field. The waves produced from the interaction between electric field and magnetic field is electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic wave is a form of energy. Same as light and heat, it can be transmitted through radiation in air or conduction. When the frequency of the electromagnetic wave is very high, it can transmit energy without any medium, producing radiation.

Every object that can emit energy will emit electromagnetic waves. Therefore, there are a lot of electromagnetic waves in our daily life. Especially in the highly developed Hong Kong where there is a great demand of information flow, electromagnetic wave is everywhere.


Two types of EMF: High-frequency & Low-frequency

High-frequency EMF

Mobile phone base stations, wireless networks, radios, TV broadcasts, mobile phones, radars, microwave ovens, etc
Transmission power of EMF:
Thousands to ten thousands uW/m2, which is much higher than 5 uW/m2 suggested by Building Biology in Germany. (Please refer to the “International Safety Standards for EMF” for more details.)

Base Station

Satellite Station

Wireless Network

Broadcasting Aerials

Microwaves Network

Low-frequency EMF

Source of low-frequency magnetic field:
Magnetic fields produced by electricity, electric wires, electrical appliances, transformers, switchboards, motors, etc.
Transmission power of EMF:
Tens to hundreds mG, which is much higher than the 1mG suggested by German Building Biology. (Please refer to the “International Safety Standards for EMF” for more details.)

Source of low-frequency electric field:
Alternating current (AC), electric wires, electrical appliances, etc
Building Biology in Germany suggests the safety standard should be below 5V/m. (Please refer to the “International Safety Standards for EMF” for more details.)

Telephone pole


Electric Tower

Transformer box

According to the advice of Building Biology (2015) in Germany, the effects of electromagnetic wave on indoor environments such as sleeping environments, living spaces and work environments are as follows:

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Frequency / Intensity of interference No Anomaly Slight Anomaly Slight Anomaly Extreme Anomaly
High-frequency EMF < 0.1 uW/ ㎡ 0.1-10 uW/ ㎡ 10-1000 uW/ ㎡ >1000 uW/ ㎡
Low-frequency Electric Field < 1 V/m 1-5 V/m 5-50 V/m > 50 V/m
Low-frequency Magnetic Field < 0.2 mG 0.2-1 mG 1-5 mG > 5 mG

* Slight Anomaly: Most people will not be affected.
* Severe Anomaly: Sleeping quality will be strongly interfered.
* Extreme Anomaly: In addition to insomnia, long term effects include harming central nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, visual system and even causing cancer.

EMF is everywhere. It can enter a flat from different places. Our Improvement Projects will perform a complete and detailed assessment of the electromagnetic wave intensity. Based on the results, we will take different shielding measures.

Step 1

Professional technicians will determine whether there are any sources of high-frequency EMF (e.g. base stations and wireless networks) or low-frequency EMF (e.g. high-voltage electric wires, electric towers and switchboards) which are close to the unit.

Step 2

After the technicians have confirmed whether the source of EMF, they will use the corresponding instruments to measure its intensity.

Step 3

According to the EMF readings displayed by the instrument and the German Building Biology (2015) Safety Standard, technicians will judge whether the indoor environment is safe. If the EMF intensity exceeds the standard, technicians will provide appropriate improvement engineering suggestions.

Step 4

Improvement project: According to the situation of the unit, technicians will install different EMF shielding products (e.g. EMF Shielding Paints, EMF Shielding Fabrics/Curtains, EMF Shielding Window Films, LF Magnetic Shielding Films, etc.), tested by German universities that the EMF shielding efficiency reaches 99%. In addition, clients are also welcome to purchase products and install them by themselves.

EMF Shielding Paints

EMF Shielding Fabrics/Curtains

EMF Shielding Window Films

Magnetic Shielding Films

Step 5

Technicians will measure the EMF intensity again to ensure it has reduced to a level within standard after shielding.

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ServiceDescriptionFee Schedule
1. Electromagnetic Wave Intensity MeasurementProfessional technicians will measure the EMF intensity in the unit with corresponding measuring instruments. If the EMF intensity exceeds standard levels, we will provide suitable advice for improvement projects.$800 up
2. Electromagnetic Wave Improvement ProjectsGerman YSHIELD® EMF Shielding Paints
and / or
Swiss-Shield® / German YSHIELD®  EMF Shielding Fabrics/Curtains
and / or
German YSHIELD® EMF Shielding Window Films
and / or
German YSHIELD® Magnetic Shielding Films
and / or
Other Shielding Products
To be quoted separately
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