Radon Radiation Assessment & Protection

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Do you know you and your family members may be unwittingly breathing in radon which will cause lung cancer? Radon is colorless, tasteless and odorless. It has been announced by the World Health Organization to be one of the 19 major environmental

Overseas Helper Agency

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Home-Maid Employment Services (Employment Agency License No.: 70393), is a subsidiary to Homeasy. We specialize in the agency of Indonesian and Filipino helpers. Our scope of services includes overseas employment, local employment, direct employment, contract renewal, short-term extension, overseas helper insurance, overseas

Maternity Agency

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Home-Maid Employment Services (Employment Agency License No.: 63965), is a subsidiary to Homeasy. We provide professional and attentive maternity services for families welcoming new lives. Our maternity helpers are professionally trained and with extensive experience. Women experience various physiological changes during the

Domestic Helper

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To meet the needs of clients, we provide different plans, including basic one-time service, package, monthly service, as well as deep cleaning (cleaning up) and short-term maids who can temporarily replace foreign domestic helper or nanny.Our domestic helpers either have completed the

Moving Service

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Carpet Cleaning

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Regular maintenance not only can keep the carpet clean but also extend its life span. Professional carpet cleaning can remove the hidden stains and dirt. In addition, it can also eliminate bacteria and achieve the effect of disinfection. Common carpets can be